Moving from Meteorology to Ministry

I just wanted to share with you some of the changes coming up and to ask for your prayers.

I have been the Director of Operations for Innovative Weather at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for the past 12 1/2 years, where I mentor college students in the field of meteorology. I oversee all partner relationships, develop the internship program and do life with my staff. It has been an amazing run and on October 31st I will work my last formal shift as the leader of that intern program. Before that, I was an on-air meteorologist for Weather Eye Inc. for 8 years and before that a severe weather assistant for NBC Channel 4 in Milwaukee for 4 years. That's roughly 25 years as a meteorologist!! While I will remain on with IW in a guidance role, this is a major shift in my life. 

I will be stepping into full time ministry with St. Paul's Lutheran church in Muskego, WI, where I have been a part time partner with them. For several years now, I have been an adviser to the Ministry team and the coordinator for The Bridge and contemporary services. I teach 7th grade public school catechism, and I partner with St. Paul's on Awake and Alive. My role there will expand to include creating a functional 18-25 ministry and mentoring opportunity for older generations, overseeing our worship tech teams, and learning how to tell story through the use of video technology. 

In addition to my work at St. Paul's, I continue to lead Climb the Mountain Ministries - which is the traveling/speaking part of my personal music and ministry that I will continue to do as we partner with other churches around the country. I lead Awake and Alive, a ministry that is passionate about serving 18-25 year olds through our conferences. And over the past 4 months, I was asked to help Time of Grace create online content and ministry specifically for Gen Z and more will come on that later. 

Most importantly I am Melissa's husband and the father of Adam (20), Abby (18), and Thomas (14). They are my most cherished relationships I have next to Christ. 


To be honest, working two careers at the same time is hard, but I've also been blessed to work in the best of my skill sets with some of the best of people both in secular and ministry life. The reality is that I am beyond blessed, and I am quite tired. Transitions are stressful as it is, and this move will include some pretty big life changes for me and for my family, and we really have no idea how it all goes. If in the quiet of your day, would you pray with me for a few things:

* For a professional transition to the interim Director of IW - Alex Bukvich. That he would not be overwhelmed and that I would be part of the team that God uses to help him lead IW into the future.

* For St. Paul's leadership as they lead God's people there with the heart to reach others that don't know the hope of Christ.

* For my wife Melissa, that the transition gives us more time together as a family. All you spouses of ministry workers know that a transition like this has some challenges. God grant us peace in the midst of the moves.

* For me. To keep priorities as they should be. That I would have people who would help create and sustain healthy boundaries while encouraging faithful, creative ministry. That God would open doors for me to help people see Jesus more clearly both inside St. Paul's and beyond through the various ministries God has allowed me to partner with.

Ultimately that God would take away the fears and anxieties by helping my family and I focus on what Christ has already won for us and to walk into the future "For the joy set before us".

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