Since 2004, Mike has been privileged to lead special worship services in WELS churches across the country.  With an understanding of Lutheran worship and the importance of the content pieces and moments of liturgical Lutheran worship,  Mike works closely with the host Pastor to create a worship service that will serve the people and give them a song to sing while utilizing the best of the skills Mike has to offer.  With agreement that Lutheran worship reflects the conversation of God coming to us and his people participate in response, Mike's worship leading style is one with expectation that the congregation can express our love for God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  These worship services always point to the Common Union we have with God through Christ and the Common Unity we have with one another because of Jesus.

Music and Meditation Service

In this worship service, Mike works with the Pastor on a theme for that particular Sunday.  A typical order of service looks like this:


Opening Songs

Profession of Faith

Confession/Absolution (with song)

Meditation 1 / Song Response

Meditation 2 / Song Response

Meditation 3 / Song Response and Offering

Prayers of the Church / Lord's Prayer / Benediction

Sending Songs

Blended Contemporary Service

In this worship service Mike works with the Pastor on the theme for that Sunday with a standard message and more traditional liturgical flow.


Opening Songs

Profession of Faith

Confession/Absolution (with Song)

Bible Readings (1 or 2)

Message Song

Message/Message Prayer

Offering (with song)

Prayers of the Church / Lord's Prayer (sung) / Benediction

Closing Songs

Blended Contemporary Communion Service

In this worship service, Mike works with Pastor on the theme for the day while maintaining a sensitivity for time and the sacrament of Holy Communion.  A more traditional liturgical flow with options to move the confession/absolution closer to communion as part of the liturgy or in the beginning of the service.


Opening Song/s

Profession of Faith

Bible Readings (1 or 2)

Message Song

Message/Message Prayer

Offering (with shortened song)

Prayers of the Church

Communion Liturgy

Communion Distribution (2 songs)

Lord's Prayer / Benediction

Sending Song/s




LWMS Event @ St. Paul's Lake Mills

St. Paul's Lake Mills, 1530 South Main Street, Lake Mills

Mike will be sharing with the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society about encouraging and walking with young adults:

HOPE AND THE BROKEN ROAD - UNDERSTANDING THE JOURNEY OF EMERGING ADULTS In our church body, much of our history has been spent creating a path for spiritual growth from cradle to grave and yet it seems that we struggle to keep teens and young adults connected to that narrow road. About every 15-20 years, a new group of people is given a label that tends to stereotype an entire generation. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z - you get the point. As many books and articles are written about these emerging cultures, not enough attention is paid to the unique realities that young people face in the 18-25 time of life. In this session we take a harder look at what some call the "University Moment" and the challenges to identity, intimacy and freedom and why walking WITH them through their doubts, questions, arrogance and pride as older adults is so important.


WELS Staff Ministers Conference

 —  —

Martin Luther College, 1995 Luther Ct, New Ulm

Mike will be leading a couple plenary sessions regarding the challenges facing young adults and lessons they have shared with us on walking with them. Keeping and promoting a growing relationship with Jesus at the forefront of the college years.


Kingdom Workers Worship

Private Event

Mike will lead a devotion and worship for the Kingdom Workers annual staff retreat. Mike is available to help with special events, just email us if you have an interest.


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