In 15 years of music and ministry, working intimately with churches and Pastors in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and over 10 years of walking with 18-25 years olds, God put on my heart a desire to better understand and communicate the importance and impact of public and private worship.  Accessible Worship is an invitation to consider what it means to make the Peace, Hope and Joy, that only comes from the biblical understanding, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - ACCESSIBLE to the people that we serve.  If we as, "the church", invite people to an hour of time out of their day, we should understand why.  In this time in American history, we have an opportunity to better articulate the value and importance of public worship and more importantly, Jesus Christ.

This story begins with a heartbreak that I have heard many times from many people, both Pastors and the people in the pews.  Within the reality of different worship styles and the arguments that are used to often tear each other done, I would like us to see worship "language" through the reality of what communication actually is.  My hope is that these articles and videos will help give us a foundation for a more constructive conversation about the importance and practicality of public worship and the immense variety we have at our disposal to share and respond to the Gospel in the world that we live in.  

I am still a learner myself and I share this knowing that I am still growing and I pray that it would be a perspective that would challenge and grow you as well.  Thank you for reading and sharing.  To God be the Glory!

The following videos were produced to give a bit of a more conversational start to this.  For some additional discussion and topics, please check out the Accessible Worship Blog Posts.