With 20 years of broadcast experience working in the field of meteorology and with his years in worship and campus ministry, Mike brings a compelling perspective of Christian life to our everyday real world.  Mike has had the privilege of speaking at a number of Christian Conferences as well as chapels and bible studies across the country on a range of topics.  Mike is a dynamic Christian speaker on topics that range from ministering to young adults, the importance of worship languages in our churches and the impact of the Gospel in our every day lives.  With a passion for Psalm 89 and the sharing of God's stories of faithfulness to the generations, Mike would love the opportunity to be a Christian encouragement and inspiration at your conference.

Some of Mike's current speaking topics:

Hope and the Broken Road - Understanding the Journey of Emerging Adults

In our church body, much of our history has been spent creating a path for spiritual growth from cradle to grave and yet it seems that we struggle to keep teens and young adults connected to that narrow road.  About every 15 years, a new group of people is given a label that tends to stereotype an entire generation.  Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z - you get the point.   As many books and articles are written about these emerging cultures, not enough attention is paid to the unique realities that young people face in the 18-25 time of life.  In this session we take a harder look at what some call the "University Moment" and the challenges to identity, intimacy and freedom and why walking WITH them through their doubts, questions, arrogance and pride is so important.


Walking the Broken Road with Hope - Strategies for Ministering to Millennials and the 18-25 generations

The bad news, there isn't a fool proof way to walk with the loved young adult in your life.  Each of them is different and the enemy has a strategy for every single one of us.  The good news, God has already defeated Satan and we can trust that with Christ, we win in the end.  Oh, but what are some possible good strategies and ways of walking with emerging young adults and the more established cultural people group called Millenials.  In this session we will talk about some resources and ideas that can help build up your ability to walk with younger adults while holding onto the hope that we have for ourselves and for them.

Pastor Parents and “The Family Church”

Before the local church existed, it was just the family church.  From the beginning, God purposed human relationships to thrive within the context of the family, with God at the center of it all. Built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, a sustainable congregational ministry derives its strength from the health of the family.  When one man in relationship with Jesus, marries one woman in relationship with Jesus, that new family becomes the smallest example of “the Body or Christ”.  A child’s first and deepest experience with what it means to be part of the “Church” is within the family context, and their first and most significant Pastor is Dad and Mom. In this session we will help define the body of Christ within the context of the family, give biblical encouragement to the role of Parent Pastor, and express a vision for worship and vibrant ministry at home.  

Great Marriage - You Have What it Takes

Almost every boy that grew up in a family likely heard dad give the advice "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".  Before most of us got married some white haired man likely passed on the advice "Happy Wife, Happy Life".  And then God lays down the picture of what that love, joy and happiness looks like when he said "Love your wives as Christ loves the church".  If you've ever failed at being a husband, forgotten what love looks like or are so blessed to have a sustainably good marriage, we'll take a look at some encouragements as we remember what it means to "Pastor" well our families by loving our wives well!

From Surviving to Thriving - An Encouragement for Teens from Ephesians 2

Being young can be a blessing and a curse. We long for more freedom and greater opportunities and they do eventually come our way. And yet, when we get the opportunities, the reality of it can often fall far below our expectations. Disappointment is the fallout and that is hard at any age. Oh, but what joy and confidence we have when we agree with God that we are his work in his hands, with his fingerprints and his purposes! What does it mean to have the fingerprints of God touch our young adult lives? Let’s talk about that.

Seeing the Bigger Picture - Contentment in my Career

"Sometimes I do what I want to, the rest of the time I do what I have to."  Chances are that for many of us we have experienced periods where our careers and jobs have felt a lot like this.  Far from what we'd "like" to do and much closer to the hum drum that can often be the cultural norm when it comes to working for a living.  In this session we will challenge people to take a hard look at our personal histories to understand the unique ways we experience JOY!  As we consider how God has wired us personally we hope to connect to what brings God joy, giving all of us a new foundation and perspective on contentment and mission in the workplace.  Whether you're thinking it's time for a career change, or you have the job you've always wanted, God invest us to step into vocational contentment as we align what gives us joy to what brings God joy!

Helping the Family Church Thrive - A look at how one church built up "Family Church"

Every person has a mother and a father.  Every family has a culture and a vision (most don’t know it… it just happens).  Every individual in the family contributes to the culture and vision.  Single, Divorced, Married, Widowed, Abandoned, Adopted – we all do best when surrounded by safety and compassion – unconditional love.  AND the church does best when the family mirrors the church – which is God’s version of family and the best blueprint we have for it, giving the church the best blueprint for ministry in our community and in the world.

Accessible Worship

In our worship services, we are striving to make the Peace, Joy and Hope of the full Gospel message accessible to as many people as God sends to us.  To say it another way.  The Peace, Joy and Hope of the Gospel becomes accessible when the hearer can experience and understand the "full" Gospel, communicated clearly AND has the change to respond authentically (personally).  This session dives into a deeper look at why we gather for worship and how God intends to bring blessing to his people through the rhythm of worship.  As many churches consider changes to how worship is conducted, we'll talk about ideas related to communication and language to help people wrestle with these questions in a way that remains firmly centered on the foundation of our worship, Jesus Christ.

Let the Young Man Stand - The Importance of True Mentoring Relationships

Ah, the new found freedom of youth, the strength of a young body, the inspiration of so many new things.  Yet for older people, we know the dangers that await, the disappointments that are coming, the risks that aren't worth it and the regret of not taking the right road.  This is often the tension between older and younger generations and the tension that breaks down a true mentoring relationship.  In this session, we'll talk about the dangers of pride and the joy of humility when walking the road of life with younger and older people.  Not only do older adults mentor down to a younger generation, but a true mentoring relationship will eventually grow into on in which younger people mentor up to an older generation.

Opening the Gift of Grace

Communion and Community - What You Were Made For

Dealing with Fear and Disappointment