Inspired to Share the Hope and Joy of Christ

One of the ways to translate the word inspire is to "Breathe Into".  I love that picture because for many of us, it feels like we're always out of breath or we lack the energy to live life with a sense of joy and purpose.  For all of us, we know what it means to feel tired and worn out.  We strive to find some sense of peace in the face of violence and hope in the face of the constant barrage of negative news, often driving people to find ways to numb the frustration and anxiety.

And yet, the God of the bible is in the business of breathing life into the dead and dying spaces of our lives. It is what the Christian celebrates in the cross of Christ and what the truth of the Resurrection brings.  You were made for a complete relationship with the God who loves you, who longs to hold you, to save you not just for a few good years on earth, but for all time.  And not just you, but all people and he wants to inspire you to bring that life to others.  

There is no promise that it will be easy, in fact usually the opposite, that life in this world will be a struggle. But in this Easter season we are reminded that Jesus picked up "the cross" for the JOY that was set before him.  The joy to call you his son, his daughter, for all time.   A Peace and Hope and Joy that circumstance cannot take away and the realization that you can LIVE forever with and through him.  That means that your life matters, your circumstances matter, your future matters... because your eternity matters.  And not just yours, but the lives of the people you know.  He now hands the baton to you and says "for the joy set before YOU, will you pick up your cross, will you allow me to use your weaknesses and your wounds, your scars and your triumphs - to point people to Jesus?  That they may know the hope and peace and joy that you have for all time?

To Jesus alone be the Glory, and to you and me, may there be joy, peace and above all, a Hope that endures!  -  Mike

Official Artist Bio: 

Since 2005, Mike’s music and ministry has touched the lives of thousands of people through various concerts, worship services and speaking engagement.  With a heart that beats for the spiritual wellbeing of young adults and a love for the local church and community, Mike’s music echoes the opening passages from Psalm 89 “I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations”.  Mike’s music and songs are rich with biblical texts that speak to the Gospel hope, sharing the stories of life and relationships we have in Christ.  Whether as a solo artist or with a full band of talented musicians his concerts are always joyful, yet contemplative and inspirational filled with moments that invite everyone who comes, to add their own voice to the songs and stories he shares.

As a WELS worship leader, Mike has worked with dozens of churches over the years to present the heart of the story of God’s faithfulness in fresh and meaningful ways.  With a clear focus on the traditional content of Lutheran worship, the songs and services encourage participation as a congregation from start to finish.  Mike is part of the Ministry at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Muskego, WI and was recently part of the team that developed a comprehensive sermon series and set of resources to help people of all ages and stations of life to recommit to the strengthening of spiritual, biological and functional Family Churches that ultimately serve as the healthy foundation of the local church.  

Mike is currently a Staff Minister at St. Paul’s Lutheran in Muskego, WI where he serves as the Director of Worship Operations and leads worship regularly.  Mike has been a professional consulting and on-air meteorologist since 1998, young adult ministry leader since 2007 and a Christian recording artist with 10 albums released since 2004.  From Milwaukee, WI he married his wife Melissa in 1997 and together they have three children. 

Official Speaker Bio:

"Life to the full!" That is the heartbeat of this Christian artist, meteorologist, husband, and father of three.  With a passion for sharing the life changing power of God's Grace through music and speaking events, Mike has been sharing this story as an artist and worship leader in the WELS since 2004.  In 2007 Mike began to do everyday life with young men and women in both secular and Christian environments.  From his time in at UW-Milwaukee's Innovative Weather, his work in Campus Ministry through "The Point of Grace" and as the Founder and Director of Awake and Alive, a ministry event for 18-25-year olds, God has given Mike a passion for walking with 18-25 year olds as they move through the journey of coming to know, own and make known that gift of Grace.  Believing in the power of building a bridge between generations, Mike's insights and experiences are an inspiration to those who long to share the hope of Christ with young adults.  From Milwaukee, WI and a member of the ministry team at St. Paul's Muskego, Mike has been married to his wife Melissa since 1997 and together have three children.  

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