We are made for a Common Union with Jesus and for a Common Unity with others on the foundation of Christ.  Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of churches and organizations as an encourager through music and speaking events as well as a part of special worship services.  A couple years ago I worked with a good friend of mine to dig into some of the unique ways that God has built me to serve in my various roles and this is the statement that others helped me develop.  "I Am Built - to inspire people to see their personal stories of God's faithfulness, so that, in their encounter and connection with Christ, they would be inspired to share Jesus accurately and compassionately with the people they know."

This page is here to share some encouragements and hopefully be an inspiration to others.  Things that I am learning, affirmations that have come that are worth sharing and other perspectives that I have learned that are worth sharing.  I hope these blog posts and videos can be helpful to you!  -  Mike


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