Several years ago, Mike was approached by a friend to listen to a song that he had written with the hopes that Mike might be able to use it.  Upon hearing the story behind it, Mike encouraged his friend Paul Kunz to actually be the one to record and share it.  With a belief that every generation, young and old, can share the stories of God's faithfulness, Mike endeavored to produce the song that Paul shared with him several years earlier.  In 2017, with the help of musician and studio engineer, Alex Bennett and videographer Jack Albert, they began the process to bring this song to life and to share it with the world.  The videos below help tell the story of this journey from heartbreaking circumstances to an invitation to consider the gift of Grace God gives all people.

Check out the Lyric Video here:

You can get the song with the people you know by going to Noisetrade to download it now:

And check out the edited video with a special encouragement to young adults as part of the Awake and Alive Milemarker series: