Through All Generations

"I will sing of the Lord's Great Love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations" - Psalm 89:1-2

I'm really excited to celebrate a story I want to share with you, one that is a joy to me, a fulfillment of the mission of my ministry. If you've been walking with me for a while, you know that the underwriting theme is growing in faith and sharing the stories of God's faithfulness through ALL generations. We are healthiest as human beings when we are interconnected to older and younger people than us, and the church is healthiest when these relationships are lived out at home and in the church.

Several years ago, an older friend of mine approached me after a concert to share a song that he had written. I listened to it and was excited to hear his heart and the reason for the question "Will I see you in heaven my friend". I saw in him an opportunity to take it and make it his own and offered to help him put together a team that would help breathe it to life. He and his wife Diane prayed about it, saved and waited patiently and finally decided to pull the trigger and to it. I acted as the project producer and enlisted the help of a couple young guys that have been helping me in ministry and asked Jack Albert to do a video shoot and interview and asked Alex Bennett to lead the musical production of the song.

This past Sunday at our last Awake and Alive session, we introduced Paul's "Milemarker" video. We use these videos to give people a chance to tell their story of God's faithfulness and the importance of their relationship with God. After introducing it, I interviewed Paul and talked a little bit about how similar older and younger people really are. He was nervous to sing the song, having never done anything like this in his life and yet here he was, climbing the stairs and onto the stage to sing his song after sharing his heart about the difficult place this song came from and God's faithfulness through it.

It hit me that this is the beauty and point of Awake and Alive and what I pray God does in my music and ministry. A 75 year old gentleman has a story of God's faithfulness to tell. A 43 year old guy has a heart to make known these stories. And a couple 24 year old guys put their budding skills to use to help make this project a reality. The generations get together to tell a story of God's faithfulness. And what a story.

The Psalmist encourages us to consider the promises of God, the faithfulness of God to his desire for us to have complete relationship with him. It means not all our dreams will come true, because many of our dreams would get in the way of an eternal relationship with God. And that means we are going to deal with disappointment, frustration, hurt and yes, death itself. But we do not have to fear it, those who trust in the promise of "Life to the Full" through Christ have been set apart for an eternal relationship with God. Death doesn't win, it's the gateway to what we were created for - Complete relationship with the God who loves us so much that he sent his one and only son, that we would have life through him!

Do yourself a favor, check out Paul's story of God's faithfulness. What a blessing to know that God can use us at any age to be a part of inspiring and encouraging all generations!

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