I don't know that I've ever heard the word "unprecedented" as many times as we've heard in the past 2 weeks.  As the world reels from Covid-19, there is a fascinating opportunity to connect in ways we never really thought possible.  Over the next several weeks I hope to share acoustic concerts from my little stage and setup at home a couple times/week.  I'll be bringing in some special guests and we'll explore God's wisdom in the Bible and sing it in song.  Check my schedule below for how to connect!

NEXT FACEBOOK LIVE CONCERT - Friday April 24th - 7pm Central

with special guest Marshall Holm

NEXT ZOOM HOUSE CONCERT - Monday April 27th - 7pm Central

(Limited to 20 screens - email Mike for this weeks Zoom Link)


As an artist, I have a platform to share my art and heart with the world.  Sometimes people want to support that with prayers, bookings and offerings.  Working musicians don't have the same platform and I would like to do something to help a few of the full time musicians that I know.  If you would like to support my music and ministry, 50% of what comes in will go to help out several musicians by paying them to help make new music.  Help Musicians.  Make New Music!  It's a great way to be part of supporting the Christian music community! 

If you would like to donate, you can use my PayPal link.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

There are few hymns that endure for decades and centuries. Many songs are with us for a season, or for a person's lifetime. Thank God for new songs singing about old truths in new ways. But some of the old songs and old poetry last for centuries, passing text and melody and far more than that - memory... promise.

The Advent hymn "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" is a song that captures the longing, not for things to simply go back to what they used to be or some good day in the past, but forward to a lasting joy that was promised in Christ. The lyrics and music so beautifully capture the longing and the focus so well, that we joy in singing this song ever year.

In a dark night, pondering what EMMANUEL means - God With Us - I wrote the poetry that would become the intro and outro to this song. The question that we all wonder when bad things come - "Lord - Do you SEE? Do you HEAR? Do you CARE??"

And sometimes all we get is a name. Emmanuel. All we get is a promise. "I will be with you always. All we get is a cross... and a command. Pick it up, follow me, I will be with You, for I am Emmanuel and I know the place I am calling you to. The ultimate home, life to the full, complete relationship, complete healing, eternal rest and life. Not just for you, but for all.

In the waiting - remember the promise of Emmanuel. He is with you, in the joys...

and even in the silence. Peace and Joy in Christ - Mike


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 "I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations!"  - Psalm 89:1-4



Concert @ Camp Phillip Family Fest

Camp Phillip Family Fest, W9944 Buttercup Ave, Wautoma, WI

It's a ways away, but we're excited to put a date on the calendar for Camp Phillip's Family Fest in June 2020!  Get there in 2019 and we'll see you in 2020!!


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