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About "The Bridge" at St. Paul's

Mike helps lead worship several times/month at his home church of St. Paul's Lutheran in Muskego and the new worship service setting called The Bridge.  With a desire to reach people in their area of influence, St. Paul's has always had a desire to share the Gospel with people who are wondering what this life is really all about.  Even saying the word "Gospel" leaves people at a loss for words, all too often not being able to fully realize what it is.  In that desire to speak a language that other people might understand, St. Paul's launched "The Bridge" worship service in October of 2013 to help communicate God's love for us in a new way.

The video below gives you a quick glance and flavor of The Bridge worship service setting.

Our communion and confession service is at 9:45am and the main service starts at 10:15.  With morning ministry available for children we hope that this will be a comfortable place to bring a friend and to hear about the story of God's grace in ways that may feel less "churchy", but are no less true of our lives in Christ.  Check out The Bridge website for additional details.

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