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Behind the scenes of Mike's latest album "Songs We Carry"

Review of "Songs We Carry" by Amber Swenson, author of the book "The Whisper Theory": 

"Mike Westendorf's "Songs we carry" is a refreshing worship experience for the person who loves the contemporary Christian music genre, but is not content with overly repetitive, simplified songs. Mike considers himself a storyteller first, and that comes through in the well-crafted lyrics and melodies.

The CD as a whole offers a wide-range of styles; from the driving urgency of "Coming Soon" to the thought-provoking "In the Garden," and the worshipful "Worthy." "Safely Home" captures the prayer of every Christian parent. The album closes with my favorite song, "At a time," a ballad that reminds us not to get ahead of ourselves, or to worry, but to rest in Christ's love today.

"Songs we carry" is a CD to be savored and appreciated. By the third or fourth listen Mike's songs become your songs and you are only too happy to help carry the message of God's faithfulness."

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