Mike has been touring regionally and nationally as a solo artist for the past 10 years.  From small house concerts, to the Main stage at Lifest, to a host of worship settings in Lutheran churches, God has given Mike and his team an opportunity to bring his music and ministry to thousands of people across the country.

How Do I Book Mike to play for our event?

I get asked this question a lot, because most people want it to be great and in making a great concert event it winds up being a real big challenge.  We want to get everyone there and it has to be the perfect fit and just right and... soon the whole idea gets pretty overwhelming, especially if you are a Pastor, you've got enough other things to pray about.  I completely understand so I'd like to keep it simple for you.

Concerts to Encourage the Church

These are really designed to inspire, encourage, challenge and lift up the people who are part of our church family and their friends.  I'm often asked to do concerts to "reach out", but to be honest, the most effective concerts are often the ones that have less stress and pressure.  We do our best outreach when we are resting in who we are in Christ, not striving to do some great thing. I would love to help your congregation just remember who they are and share Jesus from a place of Rest.

Concerts to Encourage the Community

If you are looking for ways to serve the community and feel that live music is a big part of your event, I would love to hear more.  I've learned a lot of things when it comes to concerts that serve the local community and am happy to work with you to consider being part of your event, or helping you take the idea and making it even better.  If you want to do a community event and don't know where to start - Share The Hope - it's a concert concept for this very idea, let's talk!

Concerts for YOUR House

Yep, House Concerts are a great way to pull together family and friends and add a meaningful night of music, stories and conversation.  I've done a few of these over the years. Interested in getting some of your friends and having a concert in your backyard?  Let's talk about what it takes.

Special Worship Services for Your Church

I have led special worship services in Lutheran churches for the past 12 years and as time allows, I am happy to talk with you about service formats that incorporate the important content of Lutheran worship, communicated in a different way.

Acoustic solo, small group, or full band?

We will work with you on the details, to start the booking process it's as simple as an idea and an email.  If you have a vision to touch the lives of people with the stories of God's faithfulness, a singer/songwriter concert can be a nice partnership with your ministry.

SONGS WE CARRY - An Acoustic Evening

We all have a story to tell.  All of us walk in the joys and the sorrows of life and yet life moves so fast it is hard to take a moment to take it all in.  This concert environment invites us to find peace and refreshment, to share in our joys and experience rest.  An outstanding communicator, Mike shares the stories of faith behind the songs from his years as an artist in ministry.  With the heart of an encourager, Mike's stories in song inspire us to see the beauty in God's word and the way it works out in our not so perfect lives.  ** A great option for Men's and Women's Conferences, Bible Studies and quieter more relaxing nights where the story is as important as the music. **

Encouraging Moms and Dads - The Family Church

I would love to share a unique bible study concert to help encourage your families!  The family is the smallest functioning example of "the body of Christ" and families are often the foundation of the local church.  I am passionate about helping Dads and Moms step into the role of "pastoring" their families from the time they first get married, to the time when they are Grandparents.  Children would see at an early age that "going to church" isn't a one hour allotment of time, but a way of life. This night of songs and stories will be an encouragement for all ages and stages of life and my hope is that when we sing our last song, we would leave celebrating the gift that God has given us in family, especially as it models God's view of the Church

Your Event

Mike's passion is helping build up the local congregation through events that make known God's faithfulness.  We would be happy to discuss how we might help enhance the efforts of your church ministry in your community!

Conference Speaking

With 20 years of broadcast experience and his years in artist and campus ministry, Mike brings a compelling perspective of Christian life in our everyday real world, especially when it comes to relating between generations of Christians.  Mike has had the privilege of speaking at a number of Men's Conferences as well as chapels and bible studies across the country, Mike is a dynamic Christian speaker on topics that range from Campus Ministry to Worship and even Meteorology among others.

Within Driving Distance

Mike has a full sound and light system that makes it easy to do concerts indoors or outdoors any time of the year.  When he travels nationally he will help the hosting organization/church make decisions on a good sound system and environment for the event.

To book Mike, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.